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Medical Office Cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning Services

Offices and homes are not the only properties we clean! We also offer affordable commercial cleaning services for medical centers. And since we know how important is for these facilities to be clean, we use only the finest cleaning products and time-tested techniques that guarantee a perfectly clean environment.

Tidy Up Cleaning Services strives to offer only the best time-tested techniques for your medical facilities. We know that everyone’s needs are different so we work with you to develop the ideal cleaning for your facilities tailored to your exact specifications. Medical facilities are an essential resource for those who walk through your doors.

Ensure you are providing only the best environment for your visitors. The cleanliness of your facility is the greatest first impression you will make on them. That lasting impression will be positive when you trust your cleaning to us. Our professional cleaning team uses the safest, highest quality products to kill germs on every surface in your building.

Prevent and eliminate existing germs in your facility with only the finest cleaning products and our trusted modern cleaning techniques. We completely understand how important it is to have your facilities in the most impeccable shape and we promise only the most timely and professional service every time.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Shelby Township Commercial Cleaning Services

Tidy Up Cleaning Services is a reputable commercial cleaning company in the Shelby Township area. Ensure that your office is always germ and bacteria-free by calling the experts. We have the equipment, products and skills to keep your office looking its best. Our office cleaning services include a complete renewal of your space every time; from trash removal to computer dusting and floor vacuuming.

The cleanliness of your business is a lasting first impression for your customers. Your office is a direct reflection of your business. Everyone who visits and works at your business will appreciate the cleanliness that comes with a job done by our experts. From floors to computers and desk chairs, we leave your office in the ideal condition to impress.

Tidy Up Cleaning Services knows exactly what the condition of your office means to your business and we are completely dedicated to providing the highest quality services in a timely and professional manner every time. We pride ourselves on providing the most complete job possible. Give us a call today!

General Office Cleaning

Shelby Township Commercial Cleaning Services

Tidy Up Cleaning Services includes the industry standard for office cleaning, including vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and other light duty cleaning. Providing employees with a clean work space can be crucial to job satisfaction, and this can be achieved through the best commercial cleaning services Michigan establishments demand. Tidy Up Cleaning Services general office cleaning in Michigan and the surrounding area ensures a comfortable and clean working environment.

Office Cleaning

Shelby Township Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning in Michigan is simple and affordable. Just pick up the phone and talk to us at Tidy Up Cleaning Services. When it comes to providing top-of-the-line commercial cleaning services Michigan offices need, we offer daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, seasonal, and custom scheduled office cleaning services for any size business.

Post Construction Clean Up

Shelby Township Post construction Cleanup Services

Post construction clean up by Commercial Cleaning Michigan includes everything from clearing away construction debris to washing windows so that your space is move-in ready.

Green Cleaning

Shelby Township Green Cleaning Services

Included in commercial cleaning services Michigan businesses can expect from our company are our environmentally-friendly procedures. Green cleaning in Michigan is one of our specialties. We make sure your offices are cleaned in an eco-friendly manner for optimal comfort combined with environmental responsibility. More people than ever have chemical sensitivities and allergies that can be aggravated by harsh cleaning detergents and solvents. Our green cleaning solutions are safe, affordable and gentle. If you have specific green needs or requests Tidy Up Cleaning Services is here to help.

One-Time Clean Up

Shelby Township One-Time Clean Up Services

One-time office clean up is the solution when you have moved into new offices or have had an unfortunate accident such as flooding or other damage. Expect nothing less than the most effective commercial cleaning services Michigan can offer. Tidy Up Cleaning Services is experienced at doing the heavy cleaning and restoration necessary to get your business back to normal in a healthy work environment.

Janitorial Services in Michigan

Shelby Township Janitorial Services

Janitorial services in Michigan are vital for the daily maintenance of buildings and offices. Staying ahead on cleaning and maintenance needs keeps the office running well. Tidy Up Cleaning's janitorial services MI staff adheres to standards that are comprehensive and flexible, to meet all of our clients’ needs. When it comes to providing exceptional janitorial services Michigan businesses demand, our professionals will work with any schedule and provide flexible janitorial services in Michigan to meet our customers’ needs as they change. With our years of experience in providing reliable janitorial services Michigan offices need, we are able to handle any size job and work with any type of office or building.

We Treat Your Office Like Our Home

At Tidy Up Cleaning Services Michigan, we believe that everyone should have a clean, healthy, and sanitary living and working environment. Our Michigan janitorial services are designed to provide just that for our customers. When we send our staff to a client to provide the most effective janitorial services Michigan has to offer, we are looking to build a relationship beyond just business. Because our customers trust us to keep their buildings clean and well maintained, we treat their business spaces like our homes. In the end, we strive to create a family-like relationship with our valued customers through impeccable service and thorough Michigan janitorial services.

Our janitorial services MI procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Emptying trash bins and hauling waste into dumpsters
  • Cleaning the floors, windows, blinds, desks, and furniture
  • Vacuum and spot treat carpets
  • Sanitize and clean bathrooms and kitchens
  • Restock bathrooms and kitchens with paper products and other supplies
  • Ceiling and wall cleaning, including dusting
  • Replace light bulbs and other light maintenance tasks
  • Wipe down fingerprints
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or annual visits

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services

Shelby Township Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services

It is really amazing to see the difference between a carpet that has been deep cleaned and shampooed and one that has only been vacuumed. Tidy Up Cleaning Services Michigan carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services will make your carpet look like new again, saving you money in the long run.

We Use Professional Products And Equipment

Carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services in Michigan can be daunting for the do it yourselfer. Many people are worried about using the right cleaning products, over saturating the carpet, damaging the fibers, or making stains worse. Other people are concerned with using the wrong equipment or rentals that might yellow or otherwise damage the carpet fibers. Commercial Cleaning Michigan provides professional carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services in Michigan to help alleviate those problems. With years of experience in offering Michigan carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services, we know what products and methods to use to get any carpet looking new again. And we will always spot test our methods on your carpet before proceeding with the entire room.

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampooing Services Pays Off In The Long Run

It pays to use our Michigan carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services to extend the life of flooring, as any business owner knows how costly it is to replace large areas of carpeting. Clean carpets also make a good impression on clients and employees alike. Every worker deserves a clean and sanitary working environment and that begins with the carpets and flooring.

In general, deep carpet cleaning & carpet shampooing services in Michigan should be scheduled once per year, depending on the amount of traffic and color of the carpet. This would be in addition to everyday cleaning, vacuuming, and maintenance. The deep cleaning and shampooing is what really revitalizes a carpet.

Fill out the free cleaning estimate form on this page to learn more about our professional cleaning services. We will use this information to start a dialogue in order to provide you with a variety of options for every budget.

Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Shelby Township Hard Floor Cleaning Services

There are so many different types of hard flooring that many of our clients are not exactly sure what the best products and techniques are for keeping them clean. Some flooring types should be cleaned dry, semi-wet, or wet to prevent damage. Other flooring types can handle harsh chemicals, while some floors should only be exposed to mild cleansers. Other times, the wrong cleaning can dull a finish, strip off a floor’s wax or polish, or leave behind a film or residue. So it is not surprising that it is difficult to keep all of these considerations in mind when it comes to keeping hard floors clean in a building that might have multiple flooring types for different rooms. Professional hard floor cleaning services in Michigan are the best way to juggle all of these issues without ruining the floor from trial and error.

We Have Experience Providing Hard Floor Cleaning Services In Michigan

Let Tidy Up Cleaning Services Commercial Cleaning provide you with a customized solution for Michigan hard floor cleaning services. We utilize many years of experience cleaning all types of hard floors, and we guarantee our Michigan hard floor cleaning services will get your floors clean without damaging the materials or finish. We handle any type of flooring, offering our hard floor cleaning services in Michigan for:

  • Hardwoods
  • Laminates
  • Stone and ceramic tile
  • Slate and other natural stones
  • Vinyl sheets and tile
  • Linoleum

Our Michigan hard floor cleaning services focus on getting your flooring clean without ever damaging the substrate; we also preserve a floor’s wax, polish, and finish. We can also identify when flooring might need a new stain or finish and help customers find a vendor for those services as well.

Medical Cleaning Services | Medical Office Cleaning Michigan

Shelby Township Medical Cleaning Services | Medical Office Cleaning Michigan

Proper disinfection and cleaning of Michigan medical facilities is crucial to protecting the health of your patients and preventing the spread of germs and infectious agents. Our Michigan medical cleaning service provides the highest standard of medical cleaning possible in order to help your medical facility provide a high standard of care in a safe and sanitary environment.

Why Choose Us?

Tidy Upl Cleaning Services Michigan medical cleaning services will be your choice for professional medical cleaning Michigan for several reasons:

Proper Training

Our Michigan medical cleaning team undergoes thorough training in the proper treatment and disposal of blood borne pathogens and other contaminants. Every one of our Michigan medical cleaning specialists is familiar with the correct type of medical cleaning services.

Prevention of Cross Contamination

Our Michigan medical cleaning team is fully versed in the causes of cross contamination and how to prevent it, including the use of room and/or surface specific cleaning supplies.

Broad Spectrum Disinfection

We use broad spectrum disinfecting and sanitizing agents in order to maintain a healthy environment. Special focus on high traffic and high touch areas such as door handles, faucets, and dispensers, and restrooms.

HEPA Filtered Vacuums

HEPA filters provide improved air quality and exceptional cleaning of all vacuumed surfaces, including carpets and upholstery.

OSHA Compliance

Our Michigan medical cleaning staff observe all necessary protocols for OSHA compliance in a medical setting.

Medical Cleaning You Can Trust

Tidy Up Cleaning Services Michigan is experienced in all aspects of medical cleaning. MI businesses that require specialized medical cleaning can rely on our professionalism and attention to the unique requirements of cleaning medical facilities. We offer Michigan medical cleaning services for:

  • Doctors’ offices
  • Dentists’ offices
  • Medical laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics
  • Surgical suites
  • Medical/Office complexes

Michigan Medical Office Cleaning

At Tidy Up Cleaning Services Michigan, we believe in sanitary working conditions for your employees and customers. When it comes to Michigan medical office cleaning, hygiene could not be more important. The health of your employees and your patients is at stake. You don’t want your patients to have any doubt about the cleanliness and hygiene of your medical office.

Comprehensive Michigan Medical Office Cleaning Services

Thorough Michigan medical office cleaning services are necessary to ensure a sanitary work environment from the waiting room to the doctor’s office and back out to the reception area. We have years of experience providing these comprehensive Michigan medical cleaning services for clients throughout the city and the surrounding area. We customize our services to meet your specific needs, including:

  • Waiting rooms and reception areas, restrooms, kitchens, offices, cubicles, hallways, and every interior space.
  • Remove trash and clean waste bins, restock paper supplies in the restrooms, and offer any and all janitorial services.
  • Use of the latest in hygienic and anti-bacterial cleaning supplies designed for safe and effective Michigan medical office cleaning.
  • Exterior cleaning services if needed, such as windows, awnings, and even parking lot cleaning.

All of our Tidy Up Cleaning Services medical office cleaning services are designed to meet your business’s needs and we will always work around your schedule. Our professional staff is available for scheduled cleaning, weekend work, and one-time cleanings after construction, renovation, or a move.

Additional Commercial Services

Besides the commercial cleaning services Michigan-based offices typically have, we also offer a complete menu of Janitorial Services and Building Maintenance Services tailored to your needs and schedule. Snow removal, carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning, power washing, pest control, awning cleaning and window washing are just a few of the options for cleaning in Michigan offered by our cleaning professionals, whether you need us to be there during business hours or after hours. Be sure to ask us about our Janitorial and Maintenance packages!

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